Whilst most rational people are expecting a PC release at some point due to the franchise’s history on PC and the apparent scope of GTA V’s online element, there is still a group who say Rockstar is “shafting” the PC gamer by not releasing it day-1 on PC – if at all.

As it’s the Grand Theft Auto V launch window we thought it nice to share with you a bite of information that has been filtering through over the weekend in regards to a PC release. It turns out that there are some files located in the current gen game that related to an ‘Orbis [PS4 codename]’ configuration as well as a PC set of variables:

There was an extensive pastebin of the xml file with the apparent evidence of both PC and next-gen versions which Cinemablend have since been requested to take down.

Cinemablend has a full rundown of sources for anyone interested to check out as well as some further analysis, however, it looks like there is another strong the PC-GTA V bow for people to get excited for.

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