holî, a digitally connected smart lamp, is now compatible with the Android operating system. This development enables the Bluetooth lamp to connect to over 80 per cent of smartphone devices offering users the ability to transform interior decors and sync with music.

Launched in December 2013, the holî lamp has been designed to evolve with the latest technology developments. This latest update allows Android users to take advantage of the lamp’s exclusive 50 lighting themes, produced by professional light designers. Users can also express individual creativity by designing a personal theme via the app.

The sleek aluminium frame consists of 18 LED high-power lights that project dynamic, multidimensional and multi-coloured lighting. Once the app has been installed on a smartphone device, the holî lamp quickly connects via Bluetooth and is easy to use.

Greg Gerard, CEO of holî, commented: “ We are thrilled to now offer connectivity of the holî lamp to Android users. The holî team has carefully designed software so that it can be easily adapted to make it compatible with the latest smartphone devices as and when they launch. We are also planning to offer service updates once every three to four months to offer our users more function with their holî lamp.  This means that you don’t just buy a device that ages, in fact, you purchase a product that evolves with modern technology.”


  • Compatibility: Andoird OS and iOS (iOS 7 and 6)
  • Protocol: Bluetooth
  • Power: > 500 lumens
  • 18 individually-controlled high-efficiency LED for amazing multidimensional effects
  • Virtually unlimited colour combinations
  • Exclusive and patented Music for the eyes™ light-show generation feature
  • Casing: Aluminium
  • SDK available for third party apps (iOS&Java/Android)

Price and availability:
Holî is already available online for £179.95: http://www.holimotion.com/store/

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