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Mobile technology is expanding and advancing year on year, which means there are always jobs out there in the industry. There are plenty of ways to get into the world of mobile game design, and you don’t even need to know about the tech. Although there are plenty of failed gaming businesses, it can be thoroughly rewarding. Just remember, not every day is going to be like living in the Mythic Quest TV show. With all of that in mind, we’ll dive into the different mobile game design areas you can break into.


This is one of the most popular roles in game design because it’s a fantastic route for graduates of computer science. Also, if a degree isn’t your style, you can easily learn how to develop mobile gaming apps. No matter what route you take to get there, you have two primary entry points to choose from.

  • Server/backend development – this area of game design focuses on databases and the backend server. To get into this route, you need to learn at least one of the popular coding languages. Top choices include PHP and NodeJS. You should pair this with learning databases like MongoDB and MySQL.
  • Client Development – this is for those with an interest in graphics design and developing user interfaces. To get ahead of the game, learn Unity 3D – which gives you the best worth for your money.

These are only the basic entry points. You could learn both routes, but it increases your chances of landing those early jobs if you have a specialism.

Content Production

Content creation is a huge part of gaming. Players are no longer willing to have a game for months on end while they wait for a DLC. To launch a successful game in this age, you need to have a solid content plan and a flawless release strategy.

To become a content producer, having a good grasp of game design and some understanding of what goes on in the engineering stages will give you a leg up. However, if you don’t know these, you can still be in with the chance of securing a position if you have strong time management, superb interpersonal skills, and a fantastic sense of ownership. Although you may have what it takes, this is a difficult position to step straight into, so be prepared to start at the bottom.


Games have plenty of dialogue to fill, and game designers need people to bring their vision to life. So, if you have a passion for games and a flair for writing, this is the position for you.

Game design involves many different roles that aren’t covered here, and the door into the industry can be open without the mechanical know-how. However, if you can learn some of the technical sides of the process, you will put yourself ahead of your competition. Remember, you don’t need to start in your ideal role – you will most likely be starting from the bottom and working your way up.

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