With the debut of Intels latest processors looming at Computex in June, there has been somewhat of a buzz surrounding the eagerly anticipated socket 1150 and the Intel Haswell i7-4770k.  With leaks flying in from a majority of directions, one source in particular has given  the overclocking enthusiast community exactly what it has been asking for.

From the screenshot provided you can see that its overclocked to a massive 7012.65 MHz which is effectively just over 7GHz.  One interesting thing about the upcoming Haswell CPU is the unlocked multiplier has been increased from x63 all the way up to x77 which is quite a jump in our opinion.  Based on the same 22nm microarchitecture as Ivybridge, all the way down to the same transistors, we believe the astonishing 2.56v on the CPU to be down to a buggy version of CPU-Z, which happens a lot with the new unreleased processors.

One major thing we noticed was how much the baseclock or BCLK had been dropped from 100MHz which is standard, all the way down to 91.07MHz.  Whether this was to show the max mulitplier of the chip itself, or that Intel have made BLCK overclocking more relevant this time around but whether that’s true remains to be seen.   The screenshot also shows that all 4 cores and hyper threading has been enabled which should improve the potential to obtain higher numbers with only 1 core enabled as hyper threading really stresses the CPU, but again we will have to wait and see what Computex brings!

The Haswell CPU line up is due to be announced at Computex in Taiwan on the 3rd of June, something which we are very excited for.




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