M.I.T Ingestible Sensors - A Good Thing?

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an ingestible sensor to give you more accurate readings of your heart and breathing rate while exercising.

Having tested their latest invention on pigs other animals that replicate similar internal organs as humans, they have said that the sensor can accurately track heart and breathing rates which lasts between one and two days before it it passes through the body. These small sensors use a tiny microphone which detect the heart and breathing rate through acoustics thus giving you a much more accurate reading. Although wearable trackers are available on the highstreet and are a regular sight in gyms, they still lack the technology to provide accurate results. For some, wrist trackers may not function correctly unless strategically places on certain areas of the body and held there while the user performs said exercise. In order to track your breathing with a wearable device it would need to be on your chest to pick up the rate of which is less than convenient when out on a run.

This type of technology surfaces as gold in the modern world of medicine, for example the ability to use said sensors on burn patience where other common methods of monitoring their respiratory process would be deemed too painful.

It still seems very cryptic to us as to how the potential edible hardware could further studies of the body or how this could be developed without increasing size! What are your thoughts on said tech? A glimpse into the future or a OD of monitoring sensors? Let us know what you think!

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