Today the electronics chain Maplin became the first high street retailer to release 3D printers in it’s stores.

The printer is a Velleman K8200 and will retail for £700. It comes with it’s own free software which will allow users to design and print off there items. It works by printing layers of plastic on top of one another until you get your object fully formed and ready to use.

Those who wish to purchase the product would have to assemble the product themselfs, once completed the product would be no bigger than a normal paper printer. The cost of the cartridges are much more expensive at around £30 a piece.

The printer is good for those wanting to make product prototypes or even mobile phone cases. There are however limitations with a basic 3D printer like this, such limitations are the size of the printable area and also the use of only one colour per print. For £700 though you are able to get a product that has so far been limited to professional printing companies for a fraction of the price.

More info on the product is available on the Velleman website HERE

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