Thanks to the creators of Metro Exodus at 4A Games, you can now use your PS5 DualSense controller on PC to a much greater extent than before. The PS5 controller has been available on Steam for a while, but making the haptics functional hasn’t been high on many developers’ priority lists—the number of PC gamers with a haptic controller is likely still small.

Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition appears to be the first PS5 game to support the haptics integrated into the DualSense controller on PC. There are so many games on Betway88 online platform and other top brands, but this is the first time a PC game has incorporated controller support in this way, with Ukrainian developers 4A Games adding the feature only last week in a game update. Check out the variety of gaming and betting options with Betway88.

Metro Exodus is the third installment of the Metro franchise, which is based on the same-named book series. The games are set in post-apocalyptic Russia after a nuclear war, with people living underground in railway systems to avoid the lethal radiation above and much deadlier mutant creatures. The game combines survival horror with stealth elements to combat the bleak world left behind after the nuclear war. It features first-person shooting with makeshift weapons made from junk and minimal ammunition. Instead of the more repetitive gameplay seen in the first two titles, Metro Exodus was the first to introduce a more sandbox-like structure to the series, with wide-open spaces to explore.

Although the DualSense controller on the PS5 has been compatible with PC games since its release, Metro Exodus is the first major title game to fully use all of the features available on this next-generation console controller. The functionality was reportedly rolled out in an update last week, but Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition won’t be available on PS5 until June 18th, according to VideoGamesChronicle. This means that, until June 18, the PC version of the game would be the only one with complete haptic and adaptive trigger support.

All of this is said to be part of Sony’s dedication to growing its output on the PC, an environment where its main rival Microsoft still reigns supreme. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President, the decision to release Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam for PC last year was the first step in that direction, with further updates on the way. This effort included the publication of the Days Gone port earlier this month. Moving PlayStation exclusives to the PC will potentially attract more players and resources to Sony’s IPs, such as The Last of Us and Bloodborne, who have both been speculated to be having PC ports for quite some time.

More games, particularly those that were originally PS4 or PS5 games, will ideally receive the same DualSense controller treatment as Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition. It’ll only be a matter of time before more Betway88 PC gamers take advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and customizable triggers.

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