Next Generation Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon CPU Specifications Leaked


ASRock updated their CPU support list on their X79 motherboards today which included the addition of a number new Xeon CPUs which have yet to hit the market. They range from anywhere between 70w and 150w in TDP terms. If we add two and two together, by working out the cache and TDP levels, we can (pretty) safely assume that there will be eight, ten and twelve core variants of these CPUs.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of a ‘K’ SKU so overclocking one of these monsters is most likely not going to happen. Although, ten cores at 3.4GHz looks mighty tasty, does it not? Unfortunately, only the ones with massive wallets will be getting their hands on these as they will be a luxury only item. Previous Xeon series have gone into the £1500 region and I have a suspect feeling that these may surpass that, and be quite a bit farther north.


Source: TechPowerup

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