Onlive Gaming Service To Cease Operations After Sony Acquires Assets
The OnLive service founded in 2003 is due to withdraw all services at the end of April

The gaming service known as ‘OnLive’ is to cease operations at the end of this month after Sony purchases parts of the organisation.

OnLive’s focus was its cloud based game streaming services which allowed consumers to rent PC games and play them on computers that were older than the minimum specification of the game. Gameplay was rendered on their own servers and then streamed to users via PC and their own console which was known as the “OnLive Game System”  The system could also be accessed via tablets and smartphones.

The product was not without it’s flaws as there was a fair amount of complaints regarding video quality and lag during gameplay.

In 2012 it was announced that OnLive was to release ‘OnLive Desktop’ which offered a remotely hosted Windows Server 2008 desktop experience that was accessible via tablet devices. This service is also due to be closed at the end of the month.

It is thought that Sony has aquired certain parts of the organisation to improve their ‘Playstation Now’ offering which offers a similar service to OnLive. However this is yet to be confirmed.

The company is set to offer refunds to anyone who purchased OnLive hardware on or after 1st February 2015. But not refunds for any steam titles or other software that was used as part of the OnLive service.

IAlthough i’ve not used the service, it will be a shame to see it go as the product could have had a niche place in the market if it had the backing of a major developer/investor. It’ll be interesting to see what Sony does with the assets that it has aquired.


Source: Polygon

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