NVIDIA reference GTX 970 exclusively for Overclockers UK

Newcastle-Under-Lyme, 14th November 2014, tailored to every detail through the expertise of Overclockers UK’s purchasing manager Gibbo, the reference GTX 970 which is encompassed by the extremely high-performance Genuine NVIDIA GTX 970 cooler with visualiser and full NVIDIA components is born due to popular demand. Since the reference GTX 970 didn’t exist, the current design has been built around the full-size NVIDIA 980 PCB.

With no expense spared, the NVIDIA reference GTX 970 has also been tweaked by Gibbo, who made the factory  change the containers in which the inductors are located for higher-grade components to help reduce and eliminate any possibility of coil whine, ultimately meaning it will be the quietest GTX 970 whilst under load.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 and 970 cards support tear-free, super-fast NVIDIA G-Sync monitor display technology including 4k. Together, these technologies provide the most immersive and competitive gaming experiences possible.

The NVIDIA reference is available on Overclockers UK for £319.99 and can be found here

• Voxel Global Illumination Technology (VXGI)
• NVIDIA® Super Resolution technology
• NVIDIA® GameWorks technology
• NVIDIA® GameStream technology
• NVIDIA® TXAA Technology
• NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0
• NVIDIA PhysX® Technology
• NVIDIA FXAA Technology
• NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
• NVIDIA Surround
• Support for four concurrent displays including: Two dual-link DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2
• Microsoft DirectX 12
• NVIDIA® 3D Vision® Ready
• NVIDIA SLI® Ready Technology
• NVIDIA CUDA® technology
• PCI Express 3.0 support
• OpenGL 4.4 support
• OpenCL support
• NVIDIA G-Sync Ready

• Genuine NVIDIA 970 Cooler with Visualizer
• Genuine NVIDIA 980 PCB
• Samsung memory guaranteed
• Coil Whine reduction technology: We specify the capacitors/inductors to be enclosed in plastic containers as it helps reduce/eliminate coil whine
• GeForce GTX 970
• GPU: GeForce GTX 970 (GM204)
• Core Base Clock: 1050MHz
• Core Boost Clock: 1178MHz (Upto 1268MHz Boost)
• Memory Clock: 7010MHz
• Memory Size: 4096MB Samsung GDDR5
• Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0
• Memory Bus: 256-bit
• CUDA Cores: 1664
• DirectX 12: Yes
• DVI Port: 1x Dual-Link DVI, 3x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI
• DisplayPort: Yes
• HDCP: Yes
• HDMI: Yes
• Power: 2x 6-Pin
• 450W PSU Required
• 145W TDP
• Warranty: 3yr

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