With Sony’s mighty handheld gaming device being one of the top options for the average traveling gamer, Sony are now treating us to the slimmer and sexier model, the PCH-2000.

At first glances you will see that the PCH-2000 is much lighter and slimmer than the original first launched around February 2012. First revealed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show and launched in October, we are now set to see it hit the UK market. You’ll find it packing the same impressive specs in a 20%  thinner body that’s also 15 per cent lighter along with some inner surprises too. The only major different is that the Vita’s original top-notch OLEDscreen has been switched with a less impressive IPS LCD display, something that wont be too noticable.

On the inside you will find a better battery life, 1GB of on-board storage as standard along with less of a sting on the pocket due to the £50 lower price-tag than the original.

The new Vita is set to be priced around the £180 mark with pro-orders opening today. The original Vita model will be eventually phased out, with the new slimmer model taking its place, but while it launched in Japan in six bright colors, it’ll only be available in black when it hits shelves next month but many still wanting to see if the rainbow assortment of colors will be available at a later date.

Maybe this could be the break that Sony needed? Or could it be the next ‘one up’ that could see the great little console drop to it’s deaths? Let’s just hope that Sony have much more in store for its fans!

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