On Monday QWERKeys announced that they will be producing their own mini (60%) mechanical keyboard. A release date is yet to be confirmed, but QWERKeys are now taking preorders at a 10% discount on the rumoured RRP of around £100 (€120/$150).

Initially the mini keyboard with sport a  brushed silver aluminium  top case, but other colours will be available after the release. It is unclear which switch type will be used initially, although the preorder form indicates the major four switch types will be available. Word also has it, that QWERKeys will be supplying some additional key caps with any preordered keyboards.

The QWERKeys Keyboard will have the following features:

  • 1. USB Interface
  • 2. HID Device
  • 3. Plug & Play/Hot-Swappable
  • 4. Firmware upgradable over USB
  • 5. QWERTY Layout
  • 6. About 60% as wide as of the standard 104-Key keyboard
  • 7. Uses Cherry MX-Series switches
  • 8. N-key rollover
  • 9. Memory function can memory customer define
  • 10. Multi-Lingual Layout
  • 11. Laser-engraved Keycaps
  • 12. Aluminum top case design
  • 13. Gold plated connector
  • 14. All Key illumination design ( Only LED Model ) < Yet to be confirmed

That’s all the information I’ve managed to obtain for now, but keep checking back and hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon and potentially a review!

In case you are interested in obtaining one of these keyboards for yourself, you can fill out the preorder form here


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