Samsung recently announced that they will be bringing a new line of consumer solid state drives to the market in capacities as large as 1TB. This was announced at Samsung’s annual SSD Global Summit not too long ago.

Samsung wants SSDs to become more and more mainstream and they are doing this by making it more appealing to the enthusiast and mainstream market alike by offering drives which are up to 1TB in capacity and offering faster SSDs to the consumers than ever before. Young-Hyun Jun, the executive vice president of memory sales and marketing, said “After accelerating the growth of the SSD market with last year’s launch of entry-level, high-performance SSDs, we are introducing much faster SSDs with up to 1TB capacities offering consumers a wider range of choices.” He then continued and said that “Samsung continues to enhance its SSD brand image by delivering the industry’s highest quality solutions and continuously increasing its SSD market share by expanding the adoption of higher density SSDs.”

Samsung are trying to stay ahead of the game and are aiming to be the first in the race to the affordable 1TB SSDs. In order to win over their customers, Samsung may very well have to stand up to the crowd and offer them an aggressive price to compete with the likes of Crucial who offer their 940GB M500 SSD for roughly $.64 per GB. This is definitely a strong possibility considering that Samsung produces its very own controller. The current line of Samsung drives, the 840 series, offers exceptional performance for the money which is at roughly $.65 per GB. However, the EVO line up brings great performance gains to the table which should make it an ideal choice if they can stick to a similar (if not better) price ratio.

The 840 EVO will be an entry-level SSD but Samsung promises that the 250GB model will deliver twice the write speeds of the current 250GB 840 Series model, and it will reach 520MBps sequential write speeds. The 120GB 840 EVO will be able to hit 410MBps on its sequential write speeds which is more or less three times the speed of the current 840 Series drives.

This doesn’t really tell you much about the 1TB drive though, does it? So, lets move on to those specifications. The read and write speeds will be hitting 540MBps and 520MBps respectively. These speeds are sequential speeds so the drive will be able to maintain them, no matter what the data. However, that’s not the most impressive part. The new 840 EVO series will also boast up to 98000 read IOPS and up to 90000 write IOPS to make it one of the fastest drives on the market.

It is said that these drives will be hitting the shelves in August some time. Pricing is unclear as of yet but we hope that they will be at the low price point that everyone is after.

Source: Forbes

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