31st July 2013 – Wacom Co., Ltd., today announces that its Wacom® feel IT technologies (called “feel”), digital pen sensor system optimised for a wide variety of applications on mobile devices, has been adopted by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd for its new Windows 8 tablet, the “ATIV Tab 3”.

In 2011, the GALAXY Note was the first smartphone to adopt Wacom’s feel™, followed by the GALAXY Note 10.1 (launched in August 2012), the GALAXY Note II (September 2012), the ATIV Tab 7 and Tab 5 (October 2012) and the GALAXY Note 8.0 (February 2013). The new Windows 8 tablet “ATIV Tab 3” is the seventh product by Samsung to make use of the digital pen sensor system.

Making it the perfect device for on-the-go users, the “ATIV Tab 3” comes with the “S-Pen”, digital pen technology custom designed and manufactured by Wacom for Samsung. Wacom’s digital pen sensor system offers tablet users new ways to communicate creatively and be more productive, taking advantage of its accuracy and high-precision control. For example, while giving a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, users could use the “S-Pen” to draw sketches, highlight important points or add handwritten annotations.

Wacom® feel IT technologies comprises of a highly sensitive digital pen and other key components integrated in the new ATIV tablet, resulting in a natural and intuitive user interface solution. By promoting the adoption of feel in a variety of mobile devices, Wacom strives to bring creative new digital communication solutions to a wide range of consumers using mobile products.

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