Second Patch Launched By Google For Stagefright Bug

A second patch has been launched by tech giant Google in order to fix the sophisticated Stagefright bug, which had the potential to affect hundreds of millions of Android devices globally.

Their first attempt at taming the beast was proven fruitless, but after working with security firm Exodus Intelligence, their second attempt seems to be a success… so far. In a blog post, Exodus explained: “Around July 31st, Exodus Intelligence security researcher Jordan Gruskovnjak noticed that there seemed to be a severe problem with the proposed patch. Jordan proceeded to investigate whether his assumptions regarding its fallibility were well founded. They were.” The blog also went on to explain that Exodus has been aware of the Android flaw for quite some time now, but the team over at Google only responded this week when they issued the initial patch.

In a global press release regarding the issue, a Google spokesperson pointed out that, “We’ve already sent the fix to our partners to protect users, and Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and Nexus Player will get the OTA update in the September monthly security update.”

This all follows Google’s recent announcement that it would be stepping up its security game with monthly patches and updates for Nexus device users. Other companies such as HTC and Samsung have followed suit and similarly announced a monthly scheme to fix any bugs or security flaws found on their versions of Android.

Since Google’s internal security team failed to identify the flaw with the initial patch, do you think Google needs to pay more attention to third-party security firms? Let us know!

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