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Creating and running a city is one of the joys available to players in the Star Wars Galaxies universe. Players who want their character to enjoy starting and building a city should buy a city hall deed from an architect, gather at least 10 players, and find a place to put down the deed. Once the city hall is built and 10 players are registered as citizens of the town, a new player community is created.

Placing the Deed for a City Hall

Even when a player purchases the necessary deeds, he cannot place the building that will serve as the seat of his government just anywhere unlike the empire777. A new city hall cannot be placed too close to a major city such as Theed, Mos Eisley, or Corellia’s capital city and a city hall may not be placed within 1,000 meters of another town’s city hall. All other restrictions for the placement of buildings apply. If another player has already set up a town where a character wants to set up a city, the thwarted politician can either move elsewhere or run for mayor of the current city.

New Player Residents for Star Wars Galaxies Residents

No politician would fulfill his purpose if there were not people living under his rule. When the first 10 citizens are registered, the town starts out as rank 1. The number of people who register as citizens at first does not affect the starting rank of a Star Wars Galaxies player-made community.

But to get the city to increase in ranks, new citizens must be encouraged to move in. Naturally, a player wishing to make a certain city his home needs to have the mayor’s permission. The mayor can give a new resident the right to place a building in his city by using the /grantzoning rights command.

Special Star Wars Galaxies Buildings

Besides the city hall, there are some other things a good town needs. A medical center, a theater, and a cantina are a must. While the zoning rights for these buildings can be placed by the mayor, the mayor of the town cannot place these buildings. Theaters must be placed by musicians and master dancers, and cantinas can be placed by master dancers, master musicians and master chefs.

When the town residents need medical care, a hospital should be provided for them. If a master doctor or master combat medic has the deed, the mayor can give the medical character the zoning rights necessary to place medical facilities.

Star Wars Galaxies City Growth and Reduction

The ranking of a player-made city is determined by the number of citizens that reside within its borders. A city can go from a tiny village to a thriving metropolis, as long as the population increases. If the population of a player-run community decreases it will have its ranking changed to reflect the new population of the town. People moving out of a community does not affect community buildings that have already placed, but it does prevent buildings that require a city rank higher than the current city of the level being placed.

A Star Wars Galaxies town needs to collect fees to pay for the town’s upkeep. No one expects a non-Roman politician to pay for the upkeep from their own funds. Instead, each citizen pays taxes to the community to keep the services available to the residents.

Star Wars Galaxies Structures Guide

Star Wars Galaxies traders can choose to specialize in making structures. This allows them to make wondrous buildings and star ships. Like many other areas of the game, getting to the highest level with a structures trader is a function of putting in the time necessary to do the grinding and making sure the player has the right materials.

Before becoming the equivalent of Frank Lloyd Wright in the Star Wars Galaxies universe, a player must acquire the knowledge necessary to become a great architect. With the possible exception of Second Life, few MMORPGS require a player to have any real world skill in this area.

Beginning as a Structures Traders in Star Wars Galaxies

If a player elects not to go through the tutorial, he starts as a pre-novice trader and has to do some additional grinding. Before a person with the knowledge to make structures can build anything, however, he must gain materials. This is an easy process as it takes only the first few expertise points in the surveying skill. If a player does not wish to have his character do this, he is free to have other characters find the materials for him or buy them from the stores and auction houses found throughout the worlds of the galaxy.

Structures traders must also have the power to build their resources, which can be generated from windmills. The materials necessary will be supplied by the blueprints necessary to make the items, but in order to raise the skill, a character must use it. This is not really a surprise as all MMORPGS requires this.

What to Grind to Level Structures Quickly

The best news for the Star Wars Galaxies structures trader is that years of schooling are not necessary to become a suitable architect. If the player is more interested in designing X-Wings, Tie Fighters, or YT-1300 freighters that are as heavily modified as the Millennium Falcon, he does not need to undergo a lengthy apprenticeship. Once he has the materials, he must go to a crafting station and start the machine up. What follows is a suggested list of items to make, taken from a trader’s guide on the Star Wars Galaxies forums. When an item becomes trivial, the player should move on to the next item on the list.

Chemical Survey Device
Wind Power Generator
Crafting Stations
Gungan Heads
The Advantages of Being a Structures Trader

Players always need new and more powerful ships, or they want bigger or more homes to increase their perceived status amongst other players. The skilled Star Wars Galaxies structures trader can supply these needs and make a tidy profit for himself. No architect is really in it for the money though, are they? It is all about art for them.

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