Aside from jackpot slots, roulette is probably the most popular game to play at online casinos. It is not a surprise. It is a very easy game to pick up and the betting is straightforward as well. Even complete beginners can feel confident playing any of the variants that can be found online.

But how do you become more successful at roulette? It is, of course, a game of chance. But there are some strategies that can be used to give yourself some help. Once you have registered for a new account and claimed a betting sign up bonus, head to the roulette section and try some of these out.

Know Your Variants

Before you start betting anywhere, on any game, you should find out the rules to know what you are doing. This is your money we’re talking about after all. Roulette would seem to be very straightforward – bet on a number, win when the ball falls on your number. But there are different types of roulette to consider.

American roulette may sound great but you probably want to avoid it. There are two zeros on that board – and that reduces your chances of winning straight away. Stick to European or French roulette and you have already cut down your chances to 1:35 at the very least.

Start Small

It is always tempting to hit the table big in the hope to clean the house out immediately. Spoiler alert – this very rarely happens in real life. It is a much better idea to start betting small amounts at first. Even on your worst days it will mean that your time at the table is longer.

You can always increase your bets once you start winning a few times. But if you keep your betting at a slow and steady rate, you can take your time and not worry about potentially losing large amounts of money.

Avoid Single Numbers

As well as making sure your stake is not too large, you should understand the odds of a roulette wheel. If you bet on a single number you are going to have a 1 in 35 chance of winning. The attraction in that is that you will get 35 times your stake as winnings. But those are pretty big odds to beat.

It is a much better idea to try combination bets. Cover four numbers at once – or even just go for the red or black choice, or odds or even. Once you get confident with a table you can move to the selections that give you a little more in the way of winnings.

Know how to look after your budget

Try the Martingale Strategy

If you want to try an actual strategy when it comes to your roulette betting, you can always try the Martingale. This is where your bets double every time you lose. The thinking behind this strategy is that when you win it will cover all the losses previously.

There is still no guarantee you will win, of course. But if you spend enough time at the table you should come away without being too much in the hole. This is probably one for more seasoned players though.

Know When to Stop

We don’t want to ruin the party but this is one strategy that all gamblers should understand. Don’t chase your winnings and know when to walk away. You can always give it another go at a later date. You’re supposed to be enjoying this, after all.

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