If you are a casual Counter-Strike player, you may not pay that much attention to your settings at all. And yet, anyone who is competing and listed in https://gg.bet/en/counter-strike selections will have necessarily tinkered with their settings. But why do people do that? Why bother to go that extra time tinkering with the settings that were already set up.

Well, adjusting your settings in a game of Counter-Strike is an important aspect of improving your gameplay. Your mouse may be a little too quick, the sound coming out of the comms may be just a little too high for comfort’s sake, but all in all, you have a way to correct the things you are not overly fond of, and this is great.

Counter-Strike is in many ways just like any other game. The question arises, though: why do competitive players continue to use console settings to squeeze out the least bit of optimization they can get their hands on? This is a good question and one that deserves an answer.

The truth is that professional CS:GO players play at a rate that is incomparable to casual players. After all, what you are doing is just playing for fun. The very best in the game are trained “soldiers” whose reflexes are comparable to those of real soldiers. In fact, they may be even quicker because their risk assessment doesn’t factor in losing one’s life on the battlefield.

For that reason, CS:GO pros continue to tinker with their settings. They want to make sure that they are battle-ready for every situation out there, and this often takes some time. Your CS:GO settings DO matter, though, even if you are playing on a lower level.

Fine-Tuning Your Console 

If you have had a recent look around the most popular CS:GO websites out there, you will notice that a big chunk of the news, articles, and forum discussions even have to do with what this or that pro’s settings are. That is human nature. After all, there must be a reason why some people do as well as they do, right?

Perhaps it’s a raw skill and a lot of practice. But what if there is some secret setting that enables all of that talent to translate into top plays? In that case, you would probably want to do the same thing and have that advantage up your sleeve while you are still learning the game.

Well, magical settings that transform your entire gameplay and attitude towards the game do not exist – helpful settings DO. That is precisely what you should be after. But here is the thing, most players do not copy each other. They find and adjust their settings. A novice player may not get why a pro is doing this or that.

They are not that advanced yet, and that’s perfectly fine. Copying settings without understanding them is generally advised against, as it would create and alter some gaming conditions, but you would not be aware why. So, to sum up – adjusting your CS:GO settings is definitely advisable but doing so blindly because you are copying a pro is not a good idea. It’s pretty much like mouse sensitivity. When you come to think about it, there is no need to have your mouse either very fast or very slow – but some pros do.

They are able to play at this pace, and they are comfortable with it. Copying a Sensitivity of 1 if you are used and perform well to 3 is probably not a good idea. Of course, there may be some empirical evidence to back changing your Sens to 1. Then, you may want to start getting used to the best settings as early as possible.

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