Mobile devices and smartphones have recently become the most popular way to play games.

A huge part of the growth in mobile gameplay is mainly due to technological advancements enabling gaming providers to create mobile compatible games.

Developments in the mobile casino gaming industry in particular have seen more people opt to play casino games via mobile devices with many providers creating mobile apps for their players to conveniently access when on-the-go.

The statistics clearly show that gaming on mobiles has enjoyed a big rise in recent years. 36% of all smartphone downloads in 2020 were games, equating to 80 billion downloads.

As well as this, in the second quarter of 2020 alone, over $19 billion was spent on mobile games.

But why has the industry seen this rise, and what factors can be determined from it?

Comfort and convenience

Playing casual games on a handheld device is a convenient way to play. So-called ‘pick-up and play’ games such as the record-breaking Candy Crush – with 2.7 billion downloads – offer a free and easy way to play.

The games are often monetised by advertising segments which mean they can be downloaded subscription free to the player.

These minimal commitment games showcase just how much gaming has broadened its horizons as an activity. Games now appeal to a much wider section of people, and mobile play is a significant reason for this.

Popular mobile games

One of the most popular mobile games of recent years is Among Us. Also defined as a casual game, it was given a huge boost when adopted by influencers on the gaming streaming platform Twitch.

The spaceship set game is based on a concept where players have to discern who is a crewmate and who is an imposter. Influenced jointly by the sci-fi horror film The Thing and social deduction game Mafia, the game has been a huge hit.

Other popular mobile games are mobile versions of big gaming franchises. Mobile games such as Pokemon Go, Call of Duty: Mobile, Minecraft and Assassins Creed Identity transport video games onto smaller devices and handsets.

Sometimes gameplay on mobile devices can interact with saved games on consoles and computers. In this way, mobile game play can be an extension of games on other devices.

Pokémon Go is a popular mobile game.


Online casino games

Casino games have also benefitted greatly from the greater convenience and security of the latest mobile devices. Online casino gameplay has seen an increase in popularity as all mobile gameplay has.

The fact is more people than ever before have access to mobile devices. And of these consumers, more than ever are gamers.

The latest features in mobile gaming regularly influence new developments in mobile casino games. Mobile casino games have some key advantages over traditional forms of casino play.

Firstly, mobile play is exactly that; mobile. Players can play on the go, or wherever they happen to be. By doing away with the need to be in a specific venue or location, gamers can enjoy the latest games in comfort and leisure.

Secondly, playing – and hopefully doing well – on a mobile casino app is more secure to many people. Mobile phones are often heightened with the most effective protection against malware and viruses.

Another big advantage is the fact that many operators offer a significant welcome bonus to new guests playing online. As an enticement to play in the first place, it is another reminder of the effectiveness of mobile gameplay.

New tech, new games

The vast improvement in broadband technology and streaming bit rates has made gaming online a possibility for many. As previously mentioned, gaming is no longer an activity for experience tech-heads.

Nowadays everyone has a diverse range of games waiting for them on their smartphone whenever they want to play.

The latest apps and games are all part of the overall mobile experience for many consumers.

But as well as the convenience of playing whenever desired, mobile gaming also benefits from a close relationship with apps. Games working alongside apps can offer a more personalised experience by playing against friends and associates.

Apps and mobile games also provide offline gaming as well as cloud-based gaming. As the technology surrounding online entertainment continues to grow, there will be more opportunities to design ground-breaking ways to play games.

All of this opens up the games to the gamers – bringing new definition to this kind of deliverable entertainment.

Mobile gaming apps are convenient and allow players to play their favourite games on-the-go.

The future for mobile gaming

Pick up and play games are likely to be at the centre of developers plans as the industry moves forward. These games are often relatively inexpensive to make and have the potential to draw in progressively increasing revenue.

The money often comes from in-game ads, which are becoming a huge sub-industry all of their own. Providing players with a way to grab a bonus or extra points by watching an on-screen ad is an important part of how games companies draw in profit from free downloads.

As more casual players become interested in regular gaming, this part of the business is set to become even more integral.

Investment and opportunity

As more gaming companies invest more time and money to make their games mobile friendly, the onward march of the mobile gaming market looks set to continue.

Players will vote with their downloads and can expect to see an ever-growing collection of opportunities to play the best titles.



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