When you look at the runaway success that online casinos have experienced in just a couple of decades, it’s nothing short of phenomenal.

Often, comparisons are made between the online casino sector and the world of video games. But, while there is always great debate about what screen would be best and even whether a gaming chair would enhance the experience for the dedicated gamer, this is seldom an issue when it comes to online casinos. That’s because the operators of these have focused on a very different motivator– innovation and player experience.

To see this in action, you just need to take a look at a typical slingo game. This is one of the most recent arrivals in the selection of games to play and has been designed to appeal to players of the two favorite activities – slots and bingo. The principle is the same as bingo, but the numbers are delivered by spinning reels and the objective is to fill up 5-in-a-line slingos to start winning cash. The slingo games also come with a range of themes including ones linked to popular slots like Rainbow Riches and even TV shows like Deal or No Deal.

But one of the key points of these games is that they have been designed to be as enjoyable and involving to play on a mobile device as they would be on a PC set up for gaming. This is because the operators of online casinos are savvy to the fact that it’s all about the game for players rather than more technical considerations.

So, while it’s undoubtedly true that the pin-sharp images on the screen of an iPhone 13 Pro Max will enhance the experience, it is the long battery life that is likely to be a more interesting feature for online casino players.

Man playing game with VR headset virtual” (CC BY 2.0) by TwinPeaks99

Online casinos and virtual reality

One aspect of the online casino world that is rather surprising is that it has been slow to examine the opportunities presented by virtual reality. While this has been embraced by most video games developers, we’ve yet to see many online casinos embracing it.

This is especially surprising given the popularity of the “live casino” concept that sees games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat streamed live to players’ PCs and mobile devices. The aim is to capture some of the atmosphere of the real casino experience with real dealers, something it does very well.

VR would obviously take this experience to a whole new level but, obviously, this would mean that players need to invest in extra accessories and tech like a headset and perhaps this explains the reticence of the industry to go all in.

However, as the world moves on, perhaps we should expect to see technology start to play an increasing role for players wanting to enjoy the ultimate online casino experience – but only time will tell.

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