Windows 10 - Technical Preview Coming To Lumia Handsets
The Nokia Lumia 1020 is one of the handsets set to recieve the preview

Microsoft is looking to release Windows 10 Technical Preview  on a broader range of the Nokia Lumia handsets. Initially the technical preview was only working on a small number of Lumia devices due to a technical issue with the OS Partition.

Microsoft have finished working on a feature known as Partition Stitching, this allows them to resize the partition on the phone dynamically, therefore opening the possibility of more handsets being able to recieve the Windows 10 Technical Preview update.

So far we have counted 36 Models, however Microsoft have been quick to add that the list of handsets is subject to change. This is dependant on any model specific bugs being located and subsequently fixed.

“We spent this week testing on individual devices, as well as providing the builds with this feature to our internal rings so that we all could test it on our own phones which had been previously not usable. I’ve been thrilled to get my beloved Lumia 1020 on Windows 10!”

“This testing will allow us to support A LOT more phones for the next flight. I get a ton of questions every day on Twitter about when your favorite phones will be usable, and I’m happy to report that the vast majority will be supported with the next flight”

This is good news for Lumia owners, for more information on the proposed handsets recieving the upgrade, you’ll need to check out the Windows Blogs page.

Source: Windows Blogs



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