All users want in todays world is a nice desktop, complete with busy working apps that monitor everything from CPU temps, the weather and how fast the sun is burning up but with the release of Windows 8, many users were disappointed to find that the Operating System was lacking some apps that could give them the interaction with their system and outside world.

Now it has been released that the mega-company  is “seriously considering” allowing Windows and Windows Phone to run Android apps, according to The Verge. Although this seems good for most, there is a lot of controversy on the matter as some Microsoft insiders are said to want to enable Android apps within its Windows and Windows Phone Stores, while others think it could spell the death of Windows altogether.

Google’s Android is the world’s most-used mobile operating system, so if Microsoft does enable those apps on Windows, it would bring a host of big-name services to its product stable. Until recently, hugely popular apps like Instagram were still missing from Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Recently, Windows has declared that they have a new CEO so a huge change could be on the horizon but we will have to wait and see about that. So, where does this leave the fans? Will apps be a welcome sight for users on Windows 8 or could it mean the death for the company as they combined other large names in their game of destruction? What do you think?

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