As any regular visitors to our site will know, plenty of exciting hardware and equipment related to video gaming has been released in recent years.

However, some intriguing technology has also been created to support other forms of gaming, with information on a new device hinting at how the classic board game experience could be about to get a boost.

Back to SquareOne

In the past few weeks, several sites including Mens Gear have reported on the new SquareOne device developed by Wizama.

Described by its creators as a board game console, the system looks set to bring a new dimension to traditional board game action by introducing fresh elements through the use of a 19-inch display. The system also keeps an eye on the movement of pieces by utilizing a range of sensors and NFC technology. Mens Gear adds that save and resume functions are included, while dual stereo speakers provide a bit of audio atmosphere as well.

News of the device is undoubtedly intriguing. After all, the system is not only an interesting use of technology, but also a sign of how classic forms of gaming are still going strong in the modern age.

A modern makeover

In fact, reports related to the SquareOne have come only weeks after the Infinity Game Table was attracting plenty of attention. Gizmodo was among a number of sites to discuss the new touchscreen system from Arcade1Up. It detailed how the company has partnered with publishers including Hasbro to offer digitized versions of classic titles on the device. This means it is expected to include the likes of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Battleship when it launches.

However, board games are not the only classic pastimes that have had a modern makeover in recent years. For instance, the mobile version of the card game Uno recently won Samsung’s 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Award for Best Casual Game. The mobile title has teamed up with some major collaborators in recent months, including Hot Wheels and BTS.

Furthermore, old-school gaming is also thriving thanks to the many online versions of casinos that have popped up in recent years. But, just what are casinos online? Check’s guide to online casinos for more information, including how the likes of blackjack, roulette, and poker have made a home in the area. Online slots are also doing well, with the site outlining how many brands offer a range of variations on the classic games. Five-reel and three-reel options are often available, as well as video slots.

Still going strong

So, while fresh technology and hardware might be taking our video game experience to a whole new level, it is having an impact on some older forms of gaming too.

The release of information related to systems like SquareOne is very interesting and it will be fascinating to see just how successful the device proves to be. One thing seems clear, however – many classic forms of gaming are undoubtedly still going strong in the 21st century.

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