Streacom is pleased to announce the ZF240 (ZeroFlex), a 240W, no fan, no noise, internal PSU that is based on the Flex form factor. 

The challenge has always been to supply high power, not only in a small package but also without any active cooling. To overcome this we have used extremely high quality components and developed an innovative power circuit that is more that 93% efficient. 240W may not seem a lot, but to put things into perspective, if this PSU had active cooling, it could easily run at 450W, and its still less than half the size of a standard ATX PSU. 

Even with the high levels of efficiency, heat is inevitable, which is why we have the unique ‘L’ bracket which connects the PSU directly to the case heatsink, and is designed to dissipate the heat outside the chassis. The AC socket is also mounted on a cable instead of being fixed to the body of the PSU, allowing for flexible positioning and more innovative future case designs. 

The ZF240 is compatible with the Streacom FC5 Evo, FC9 and FC10 and will remove the need for an external power supply whilst increasing the maximum power available to components.

Full specification and pictures can be see on the ZF240 product page

zf240-000-180 zf240-025-025 zf240-fc10-025-025 zf240-fc10-025-090

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