Aerocool DS200 Chassis Review


 Closer Look – Packaging

Starting off with what I guess you could call the front of the box and on the left is an outline of the DS200 itself. On the right we have a bit of Dead Silence (DS) branding with the case model number “DS200” followed by a nice list of features and finally the Aerocool logo

. 1

The back/other side of the packaging is fairly similar except in place of the nice features list we see a nice specifications list, a good way to make sure everything is covered and consumers have as much information as possible available to them.


On one side of the box we have what looks to be something similar to the features list just in various different languages while on the other side of the case we have some more “DS” branding and a sticker to indicate which colour case we should find inside the box.

2 4 Opening up the box and we have our first look at the case itself. As we would expect it is wrapped in a plastic bag and protected by foam to ensure it doesn’t get damaged while in transport. 6

One of the nice things about the case is the fact that if you would like to compromise some of the “Silence” for better air flow and cooling it comes included with a mesh top which can be found taped to one of the foam package inserts along with the user manual

. 8


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