Antec GX700 Review


Brand: Antec
Model: GX700 Rugged
RRP: ~£60 (At time of review)

Founded in 1986, Antec have been one of the leading companies in computer components and accessories including power supplies, cases and more recently, audio equipment.  With a wide range of products which include the popular True Power and Earth Watts power supply series, as well the practical and efficient gaming chassis the Antec 300 and 900, for years Antec has catered to the needs of everybody while providing market leading products to the majority PC users and builders.

With that being said, under the spotlight today is a case from their GX series, specifically the GX700 case which has an industrial and military aesthetic.  Designed for the ATX mid tower market, will this robust offering from Antec be another well designed case? Or will the GX700 be relegated to mediocrity in this highly competitive market?  I intend to find out, but first, here is a little bit about Antec themselves.

What Antec have to say about themselves:

Whether you’re a gamer looking for that cutting-edge case or a system integrator seeking a reliable and efficient power supply, you’ve got a lot of factors to consider, from performance to stability to style. As the leading global provider of high performance PC components, we believe in delivering products that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Your computing experience should be quiet, efficient, cool and elegant; we don’t believe in compromise, and neither should you. Here are just a few of the core values that set our products miles ahead of the competition.


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