BitFenix Aurora Case Review

BitFenix Aurora Case Review 1



Manufacturer: BitFenix
Model: BitFenix Aurora (White)
Price: £86.99 @ Overclockers UK (At time of review)

With the ever increasing trend for RGB in the computer gaming market, BitFenix have hopped right in with what they are best known for – their cases. BitFenix made a name for themselves with the introduction of the Prodigy a few years ago now, which became one of the more popular choices for enthusiast grade mini-ITX systems. BitFenix hope to have a repeat hit in the form of the Aurora, and with a starting price of £86.99 on OCUK they’re off to a good start.

BitFenix Aurora Product Showcase

Today we have the BitFenix Aurora, in white. BitFenix have opted to go for something a little different to the traditional side panel with window, they instead just decided to use windows as side panels. The focus here is two things: watercooling and RGB lightning. They make this clear in their product video showing support for multiple large radiators and use of lightning strips.

With the case is their RGB SSD tray to add a little more flair to storage solutions, and of course BitFenix do sell their own lighting strips which they’ll very much want you to use with this build. BitFenix are very keen to show off the looks of this case, even providing multiple high-res galleries on their website.

But one key question remains… is it a good case?


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