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Closer Look – Packaging

Starting with the box of the Colossus, the obvious first impression is the size. Yes, it is the same size as the Prodigy and the Phenom, but is still a relatively small box by PC chassis standards. BitFenix have decided to go down a different route to that we see from other manufacturers such as Antec, with their colourful box designs and heavily illustrated with photographs. The box is of a relatively simple design and follows the same trends as the offerings from the Phenom and Prodigy range. We have the model name branding on the roof of the box as well as along the bottom of the box. We also have the usual black banner at the bottom with the BitFenix web address in it. Lastly, on the left hand side we have a large BitFenix logo which dominates the front of the box.

 The opposite side of the box again bares similarities to what we saw from the Prodigy and Phenom. We have three annotated images. The first is showing off two of BitFenix’s key marketing elements with this chassis. The SofTouch feature and the BitFenix LiteTrak. Both these features I really like. I have spoken about my fondness for the SofTouch coating that BitFenix put on their chassis, so I won’t bore you too much with it again. It really does finish off their chassis nicely, part of the reason I picked a BitFenix chassis for my own chassis. The LiteTrack is a feature that we initially saw on the original Colossus tower. Whilst I thought that it was a little over the top with regards to the Colossus tower, on this implementation, the single bar has a brilliant aesthetic and really adds to the appeal of the chassis. However, Ill talk about that in more detail a little later in the review. The Colossus, much like the Prodigy and Phenom also supports a FlexCage hard disk rack as well as support for 2x USB 3.0 ports and water cooling support.  

On this side of the box, the two main features to point out are the illustration which will give the user a general overview of the aesthetic of the front and roof of the chassis as well as a specifications list which can be found on the previous page.

Upon opening the box we are greeted with our first glimpse at this chassis. The case is held in place by a thick, dense, white foam which is shaped to fit the contours of the chassis, thus holding it firmly and securely in place. The chassis is also wrapped in a polythene bag to prevent it getting dusty and protecting the overall finish of the chassis. We can also see that BitFenix have included a quick installation guide within the box. This is definitely one of the better guides that I have seen from a manufacturer. I am not going to bore you with photos of every page, but it has some helpful illustrations in it as well as clear instructions in an easy to read font and format.


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