Enermax iVektor review



Well its crunch time for the iVektor and the verdict is.. A must buy

If you are new to building a PC and want a cheap ATX or Mini- ATX case that can manage everything you need then the iVektor is my choice.

Simple, stylish, very spacious and cheap. The iVektor was overall a great case, with the added room via the bevels in the side panels it allows for easier cable management. I also like how Enermax has completely changed the way they built the iVektor, a few good points for me; not only is the iVektor aesthetically pleasing but it is also rugged and tough. Enermax sure know how to build things to last and with the iVektor they haven’t left any stone un-turned.

Yes you only get one fan but for me that’s not a big issue, like most people I will change all the fans anyway so they match my build. The design of the chassis makes it possible for the iVektor to house a 240mm radiator in the top so its out of the way of other components, different from many cases in the price range who cannot offer the room for the same value.

One thing people may not like is the top panel, you either like it or hate it. For me I have no problem with a top panel, its something different for a change and no longer when I kick my pc walking past does it shut down (which happens a lot). The top panel has everything you would expect it to have with the addition of the easy to use fan controller.

A big feature for me is the the ability to remove the drive bays. If  like myself you are going to be using a custom watercooled loop then the more space the better. This is were the iVektor comes into a league of its own, with just two thumb screws you can totally remove the bay thus allowing you to fit that nice looking cylinder or a dual reservoir and a pump.

So overall I would have to say the iVektor impresses me in many ways, and for that the iVektor deserves my editors choice and value award.

As always I would like to thank Enermax for sending the iVektor in for review.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


The Enermax iVektor encompasses style, performance and value into one nicely sized chassis which is a hard feat considering the current market. I applause Enermax for their quality over quantity ethos and the iVektor is a definate purchase in my book.


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