Lian Li PC-Q35 Review


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As always i’m going to start with the front of the box. Lian Li have decided to print the same information on the front and back of the box. As we can see, in the top left corner we have the Lian Li corporate logo along with the green banner below it stating the model number of the chassis. As with the vast majority of chassis from Lian Li, we are reminded that this is an aluminium case. The bottom half of the box is dominated by an illustration of the chassis.

 On the side of the box, we have the same story as with the front and back. Lian Li have used the same information on both sides. On the sides we find a couple of tick boxes which state whether you have the black or silver version of the case. A little further down the box we have the specifications in four different languages, English, French, Spanish and German. The specifications list can be found on the previous page.

Opening the box we are greeted by this sight. The case is held in place by some dense polystyrene. Whilst this does a good job at keeping the chassis securely in place, it is very brittle and will snap very easily. The chassis itself is enclosed in a clear plastic bag, mainly there to keep the chassis clean during transport. The box is made of a sturdy double layered cardboard which is strong  and holds it shape well, good thing too as I watched the courier drop it.

Here are the accessories that you get with the chassis. This mainly consists of screws for the various hard drive and optical drive mounts as well as the rubber anti-vibration dampers. There is also a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 header adapter in case you are running an older motherboard that does not come with an internal USB 3.o header as standard.

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