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Nanoxia is a German based company consisting of experienced German Developers turning ideas into reality. They launched their first case, the Deep Silence 1 in autumn of 2012 and shortly after they launched their second case, the Deep Silence 2. They have continued to release more top of the line cases in 2013 and 2014 as well as a complete series of silent case fans and a broad range of high quality cables. Nanoxia’s goal is to provide consumers with a PC case that offers unique features and they do so by focusing on ergonomic and low noise components.

Today I will be taking a look at the Nanoxia Deep Silence 3 which is one of their newest cases. It is a midi tower case and of course is designed to be as silent as possible.  It features a well thought out ventilation system, noise dampeners and a very sleeper design. Some of the main features include the fact that the middle hard drive cage is removable to allow for a longer graphics card if needed, tool less installations, dust filters and it also has 4 pre-cut holes for watercooling tubes to pass through, 2 at the top and 2 just above the bottom mounted PSU.

Before we take a look at the specifications let’s see what Nanoxia has to say about the Deep Silence 3’s “Almost Noiseless” design:

Almost noiseless

The guiding principle in the development of the Nanoxia case series has always been the requirement to create cases as quiet as possible at the lowest system temperatures. 

Side panel and top cover of the Deep Silence 3 are fitted with specially designed, noise reducing insulation materials. he whole concept is designed to minimize and absorb any resulting noises. The solid front door contributes significantly to the most effective noise reduction. 

The hard disk drives of the Deep Silence 3 are mounted using rubber suspension, in order to absorb vibrations that might arise during startup and to minimize annoying background noises. The power supply rests on rubber mounts, with a suspension frame available on the back. The case stands on rubber suspended feet – vibrations are completely compensated. 

The Deep Silence 3 is manufactured from 0.6 mm thick steel. By using the highest quality materials, optimal noise insulation is ensured while providing a very stable case.

Also responsible for the quietness of the case are the three pre-installed 120 mm Deep Silence fans. The fans are optimized for the best possible mix of silence and cooling capacity. The Deep Silence 3 case is fitted with a 2-channel fan control for up to 6 fans in order to adjust the air flow to the individual needs of the user.

The Nanoxia Deep Silence 3 is equipped with two Nanoxia VentCovers. They close the 120/140 mm fan openings in the top cover. Thus, you can choose between improved cooling of the system by incorporating further case fans or improved sound insulation, by leaving the VentCover in place. The developers’ objective was to offer the user a broad variety of options.


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