Sahara appear to be a new-to-market company that has, in my opinion, hit the ground running with their first ever offering I have here for review today. Let’s see why…

Product Overview –

What’s Hot?

  • Tempered glass on the side and front of the case with a smoked tint
  • Magnetic dust filters on top and bottom of the case
  • Matt black throughout: no bare metal in sight
  • Full PSU and hard drive shroud in the bottom of the case
  • Rubber grommets included

What’s Not?

  • Not a fan of the styled cutouts on the rear panel
  • No spare PCI brackets once the fixed ones have been removed
  • No dust filters on the front intakes

So overall, the P35 seems like a pretty acceptable case with a very modest £50 asking price at the time of the review and for that cost the case will come bare, with no fans or controller. What makes it more interesting is the £70 option; with that you get 4 of the pirate turbo 120mm RGB fans and the pirate turbo controller box, which when you take into account the cost of the pirate controller and fans it suddenly becomes a lot more attractive.

The Sahara P35 is very well laid out to easily build inside of. There is also an acceptable amount of clearance in the rear panel for cable routing with relative ease. The build quality is excellent with a good mix of metals, plastics and glass, especially considering the price.

I’m a fan of the choice of glass instead of acrylic, it adds to the aesthetic in a more premium manner. Inside, the PSU and hard drive shroud was another neat addition as well as the full matt black paint throughout. Rubber grommets and tool-less hard drive mounts were another neat addition.

Costs have had to be saved somewhere however, and Sahara’s choice of cutting out the PCI slots is one of those. Including 6 more PCI brackets would have been better as once removed you’re left with 6 slots and nothing to fill them with. Dust filters were also absent on the front intakes behind the glass panel, I can’t imagine it would cost a lot to install some of those.


Huge thanks to Sahara for sending in the P35, with the Turbo RGB fans and controller in for review.

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