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Alpenfohn has been offering their unique cooling solutions to gamers and enthusiasts since 2008. Alpenfohn didn’t just appear out of no where though, they were created by the more well known Gernman manufacturer EKL AG. EKL themselves stand for high quality and and higher service. Alpenfohn’s R & D team reside in Germany while their production is in China and Taiwan where they have had ties for more than 10 years. This fact is said to prove that the highest standards can be achieved.

Alpenfohn’s product line consists of coolers, fans and cooling related accessories. Today I will be taking a look at one of their coolers, more specifically the Alpenfohn Brock ECO. The Brocken ECO is the 3rd installment into the Brocken family and is a downsized version of the Brocken 2. The Brocken ECO features a 160w TDP, 120mm WingBoost 2 PWM fan and 4 direct contact heat pipes. The direct contact heatpipes are designed to help dissipate CPU from the heat quicker than those heatsinks without direct contact.

Let’s see what Alpenfohn has to say about the Brocken ECO:

With the Brocken ECO we proudly present the compact version of our bestseller Brocken 2. The design of the heatsink matches with the layout of Brocken 2.

By reducing the overall dimensions to 126x88x150mm the latest member of the Brocken series is extremely compact.

The ideal performance of the Brocken 2 is ensured by using the new 140mm WingBoost2 premium fans that come with the cooler. With the new aerodynamically revised s-shaped wing geometry and the new WingBoost´s we both could increase the airflow as well as improve the static pressure at lower noise.

The RockMount mounting system ensures a simple and secure installation of the cooleron the sockets 2011, 1366,115x, AM3(+), AM3, AM2(+)AM2 sowie FM1.

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