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Brand: Gamer Storm
Model: Lucifer
RRP: £35 (TBC) (At time of review)

Gamer Storm, you say? Who are they? They’re a brand new name to the cooling industry, of course! I am going to be taking a look at one of their offerings, namely the Lucifer, to find out what’s what. It’s a cooler that can be used with the fan that’s supplied or as a silent fan less option also. The Lucifer was designed to cool all of the mainstream processors in absolute silence, in other words passively, and it can be done with nothing more than good airflow within the computer chassis. Well, that’s according to Gamer Storm anyway.

Gamer Storm claims that this cooler can tame 300W of heat which is a bold claim as there are few, if any coolers that can manage 250W without struggling. It features six heat pipes and a mirrored base to help with the heat conduction. To top it off, it comes with a patented rubber 140mm fan which you can either choose to use or not, depending on the situation.

The cooler is expected to retail for around £35 (TBC) but will it be worth your money? It looks like it’ll be a good performer on paper but the truth lays within the testing so without any further ado, let’s unpack the cooler and put it on top of a hot running i7-4770K to find out what happens.

About Gamer Storm

GAMER STORM is a new brand name aiming at gaming players. This serial of products provides powerful cooling performance with gaming elements all around them. It is hoped GAMER STORM shall give a new birth of gaming spirit – and that spirit of the gamer, by the gamer, for the gamer, shall not perish from the gaming world.


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