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  • Manufacturer: REEVEN
  • Model: EUROS
  • Price: TBD

REEVEN is fairly new company that currently specialises in CPU coolers, fans and accessories. REEVEN is looking to make a name for themselves and as such they have decided to make their products stick out from the rest with one simple design move, yellow fan blades. That’s right, the fan blades on most of their fans, especially the ones that come bundled with their CPU cooler feature yellow fins which are easily distinguished from those of their competitors. Standing out from the rest of the crowd can be a good thing if done right, but the real question is, will the performance of the products stand up and yield the results of the high-quality REEVEN and consumers want them to reach? Well, there is only one way to find out.

Today I am taking a look at one of the REEVEN products that stick out from the norm a bit. The EUROS is a 120mm that features and all black design and at the time of review seems to be the only fan REEVEN make without yellow fins on it. The EUROS features an S-FDB which is a fluid dynamic bearing system that will hopefully be able to help reduce the audible output from the fan. The EUROS is said to offer a silent, long life and anti-shock experience so before I rattle on too much, let’s have a closer look!

Closer Look

Taking a look at the packaging the EUROS comes in and we can actually get a glimpse at the fan itself which is always a nice touch in my opinion as it allows you to see the actual product instead of an edited image of it. On the front of the package, REEVEN have included a bit of information on the S-FDB (Bearing system) and the silent, long life and anti-shock abilities.


Flipping over to the back of the packaging and we can see the technical specifications of the EUROS in a few different languages.


As far as accessories go, REEVEN have included some ANTI-Vibration mounts and screws inside the packaging alongside the EUROS fan.



It should come as no surprise that yellow is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea so what REEVEN have done, and quite smartly I might add is they have made an all-black fan that should appeal to the masses. At the end of the day, black goes with most anything and this is a very smart move, especially for a company looking to claim their spot in the PC hardware industry.

The fan features a very basic design and at the end of the day it is a fan, so not a whole lot is really needed to be done. REEVEN have gone with a standard plastic frame design and the fins are of a normal shape with added raised areas to help them be less resistant.

The back of the fan is very standard which is just fine, the black on black design is what is important when it comes to the EUROS. The one thing I would have liked to of seen done a bit better is the power cable. I feel like it would have been better suited to have the braid or some sort of black covering going all the way into where it connects to the fan. Also, I would have loved to of seen a black plastic connector instead of the white one REEVEN opted for. While these are on small issues this is the attention to detail that is needed to make it in this day and age.



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