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SilverStone Technology was founded in 2003 and has since become a leader in its field. With their team of elite engineers they look to create products that not only perform well but also inspire individuals. With their main Headquarters in Taiwan and service centers around the globe SilverStone has made sure that their products can be seen around the world. They pride themselves on delivering products that offer the best aesthetics with the performance to match.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their Argon Series CPU coolers, namely the AR05. The Ar05 is a compact CPU cooler designed for low profile computers. Coming in at only 37mm tall it also features two direct contact heatpipes and a 92mm top-down for excellent cooling and low noise.

Before I give all the fun away let’s see what SilverStone have to say about the AR05:

The Argon series coolers are designed to provide the best cooling solutions for your CPU. The Argon AR05, at only 37mm high including fan, features two 6mm thick copper heat pipes connect to the base using heat-pipe direct contact (HDC) technology. A highly efficient 92mm PWM fan tuned for optimal balance of airflow and noise is included to provide up to 65W of cooling power (or more in case with efficient airflow). For users requiring good performance in space limited applications, the high quality and affordable AR05 is a great choice.
  • Designed for low profile system at only 37mm tall
  • Two Ø6mm heat-pipes and aluminum fins for excellent heat conducting efficiency
  • Heat-pipe direct contact (HDC) technology
  • Includes compact 92mm PWM fan for excellent cooling and low noise
  • For use with CPUs up to 65W or more*
  • Intel Socket LGA1155/1156/1150 and AMD Socket AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2 compatible


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  1. @play3r Thanks for the review – i have this cooler and it works great in my mini-ITX build (which also uses the ML06-E you reviewed earlier this summe).. Needless to say its a REALLY tight fit getting everything in there. It’s especially cramped now since I installed a GTX 750 Ti by Gigabyte.

    Do you think its possible to replace the CPU by removing the heatsink / fan from the top side? I really don’t want to take everything out of the case just to access the back of the mobo.

    • Always appreciate nice comments, thank you! In regards to your question, you can do it, I rarely remove the backplates when re-applying new thermal paste etc! It will work if the mounting mechanism doesn’t cover the CPU hold down on the motherboard!

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