Thermalright Macho 120 SBM CPU Cooler Review

Thermalright Macho 120 SBM CPU Cooler Review 2



Manufacturer: Thermalright
Model: Macho 120 SBM
Price (UK): £51.32 (at time of review)
Price (US): $47.99 (at time of review)

Let’s start this off with a nagging question… Thermalright, who are they? Top marks and take an internet cookie if you know because they’re a new one on me even though they’ve been around for 15 years and making cooling products for all aspects of computing including a custom cooler for the XBox 360. Well, that’s what their website told me anyway, and now I know all there is to know about the company. OK, so maybe there are a few small holes in that knowledge, but I’m not here to research them specifically, I’m here to see what this big lump of metal they sent over can do when I attach it to the testbench.

First, some history. The RMS Titanic launched on 31st of May 1911 was built to be the best of the best in both luxury and mass transport. Fast, spacious, glorious and massive it ultimately failed on its maiden voyage as it’s size proved a hindrance, being too big to turn and avoid an iceberg. Why the lesson? Well, worryingly this engineering marvel has something in common with today’s featured product. Just like the Titanic was the largest of its class, the cooler on trial for today’s review is the Macho 120 SBM and it’s without a doubt the largest I’ve come across. So, is it a well engineered marvel that is ahead of its time and uses its size to full advantage or are there hidden flaws that make the Macho 120 SBM more suited to life as a paperweight? All will be revealed but first the features and specifications.


Special features:

  • Thermalright signature through holes on fins for efficient ventilation.
  • 120mm fan cooler that fits a mini-ITX platform with least RAM or VGA compatibility issues.
  • Including one Thermalright high efficiency 120mm TY-127 SV 300~1300RPM PWM-Fan (55.81CFM MAX).
  • Convex copper base design, to ensure the highest thermal conducting thermal efficiency between the CPU and the heatsink.
  • Multiple support bracket system For Intel and AMD platform.


Heatsink Specifications:
Dimension: L130mm x W86mm x H150mm
Weight: 560g
Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe*5 units
Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated

TY-127 FAN Spec
Dimension: L130 mm x W120 mm x H25 mm
Weight: 130g
Rated Speed: 300 – 1300 RPM
Noise Level: 21 – 33dBA
Air Flow: 12.88- 55.81 CFM
Connector: 4 Pin (PWM Fan connector)


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  1. That performance under OC load is really bizarre. These results don’t seem to be inline with what other reviewers have found. Definitely worth holding onto for further tests I think.

    • Hi Jordan, thanks for getting in touch. I took the review offline while I checked the results and retested the cooler, everything was within a margin of error so left the original results as they are. I don’t know which other reviewers you are referring to, I couldn’t find anyone who tested it on similar hardware so couldn’t compare the results. Cheers, Craig

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