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Brand: Cooltek – powered by Thermolab
Model: ITX 30
RRP: €35 

Cooltek – powered by Thermolab – who are the OEM, are a new company to those of us in the UK, and really most of Europe and the US. They are a small company based in Korea and mainly deal in the small CPU cooler market, and judging by some benchmarks on Korean review sites, they are good at what they do. They will be known as Cooltek in the EU (hereby referred to as that), but Thermolab globally.

We have three coolers coming up for review from Cooltek and we are going to kick it off with their smallest offering into the cooler market. The ITX30 is an ultra low-profile unit intended to cool Intel 1155, 1156 and 1150 processors with a maximum TDP of 100W. The cooler is expected to retail at about the £35-£40 range. Couple this with the extremely high levels of manufacture and quality that Cooltek put into their products and we should be all set for a very good, relatively cheap cooler. So without further delay, let’s get this cooler on our test bench and see whether it can tame the heat from our scalding hot Intel i7 4770k.


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  1. After all, what are the cooling values? Where are the test charts? Where are the graphs of the comparative tests and why is it not compared with the NH L9i – Noctua 38mm?
    Do you know what I think? You didn’t even try the cooler, just took it in your hand and wrote some shit for stupid people.

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