Deepcool (Gamer Storm) Lucifer Review


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Packaging & Accessories

Packaging is something which manufacturers either go over the top with or they stay plain and let the product do the talking. Gamer Storm has leant towards the simpler approach but it does still look quite striking. The all black box with green and white writing is certainly different but it is their colour scheme so it makes sense to use it.

On every face of the box lays the Gamer Storm logo. Its dark green colour shines in the light but is hard to see in darker places, and that’s the same with the Lucifer name tag at the bottom of the front face. The rest of the writing, which includes the specifications and the slogan of this cooler is in white and is very clearly visible. The front of the box also has a greyed out, half cut logo running along its entirety. It’s a sleek looking design in my opinion and it stands out just enough to not be an ordinary, boring plain black box.

Rotating the box gives us its back side and on there lies information about the supported sockets and the cooler dimensions as well as the fan that is included with this cooler. It pretty much speaks for itself and the specs are of course found in the specifications (previous) page of this review if you wish to have a closer look at them.

Opening the box reveals the first of three boxes that’re contained within this packaging. It’s almost considered the “done thing” these days to have the mounting kit, the cooler and the fan(s) separated from the cooler and in their separate compartments. The reasons for that is to keep the different components from banging into one another and making sure that things such as broken fan blades and bent pins remain absent. This box layout looks familiar… it’s very… Alpenföhn-y.

Of course, no cooler would be complete without its accessories. So here we have them. They consist of both the Intel and AMD mounting brackets, which cover every modern AMD socket that I can think of and it also covers every Intel socket from LGA 775 and upwards. A tube of thermal paste is a must so that’s there too and there’s also a few fan clips, should you wish to attach either one or two fans on to this cooler. Finally, the fan is also there which looks to be of great quality and it actually looks like a fan from a cooler that I’ve reviewed previously. It looks like an Alpenföhn fan with green fan blades and the Gamer Storm logo printed in the center.


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