ASUS R7 250 1GB Review



  • Brand: ASUS
  • Model: R7 250 1GB
  • Price: £84 (at time of review)

Graphics cards are marvellous things, especially for gaming but they serve more than one purpose.  With HD video, Blu-Ray and consumers running multi monitor setups but not actually gaming, do you have to spend £400+ just to get by?  Is there a card on the market that slots both into the budget and gaming category?  That is what I intend to find out.  ASUS have been at the forefront of components for over 2 decades and certainly doesn’t look like that is going to change for years to come.  Specialising in motherboards, graphics cards and all things performance, how will one of their latest budget GPUs fare against todays latest games?

Not every gamer has the budget to run ultra settings @ 1440p or even the latest 4k resolutions, but with that being said, how would a sub £100 card deal with games like Company of Heroes 2, F1 2012 and Tomb Raider?  Only one way to find out!

Today I will be taking a look at the brand new ASUS R7 250 graphics card which features 1GB of GDDR5 memory, a solid 1050MHz on the core and is small enough to fit into most HTPC builds.  Is this a good budget option for gamers or does its purpose lie elsewhere?  Let’s find out starting with the specifications…


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