A budget 1080P graphics card and AMD seem to be two words that do not meet in the same sentence or conversation as of late, and that’s down to the crypto-currency mining craze that has once again kicked off. However, given that this is a card you can buy for around £200/$200, is it something that would be worthy of your money? Gavin took a look at the card, and here’s our take on the final outcome. You’ll have to watch the video for his comedic value, though…

The ASUS ROG RX 570 STRIX is something that might interest you if you are solely interested in 1080P gaming and are not too fussed about the highest graphical settings. It does a pretty good job at pushing frames out, but it does (as you’d expect) fall behind the RX 580 and GTX 1060 from NVIDIA. Given that this is just an RX 470 in disguise with a higher frequency and more volts pumped through it, it’s very easy to see why it performs extremely similarly to an RX 470. Weird one, huh? Anyway, it does have a 150w TDP which is what the RX 480 (one tier higher) shipped with originally. The card requires one 8 pin PCI-E power connector to power it.

It comes with a dual fan design – similar to that of the three fanned design that is on the DCU III coolers – and comes in at a length of 9.5 inches. The cooler actually does a phenomenal job of keeping the card cool, which has become somewhat the norm with the ASUS STRIX coolers. A cooler card means that less noise is produced, so that’s a win in anyone’s books. I for one have resorted to trying to limit my PCs noise output significantly, even if it means reducing overclocks slightly.

If you are interested in RGB and are all about the light shows within your system, this card does not match up to expectations. It has one little area which has an area that you can control, but it is nowhere near as nice as the bigger STRIX cards which are some of the nicest and best implemented RGB cards on the market.

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