MSI R7 260x Review


[section_title title=Introduction]Introduction

Brand: MSI
Models: MSI AMD R7 260x
RRP: £96.78

MSI or Micro-Star International Co LTD, were formed in 1986 by a group of 5 people in Jhonghe, Taipei.  They are currently one of the biggest names in motherboards, VGA solutions and more recently, well known for their gaming laptop range.

With the recent release of the 280x, 290 and the flagship AMD card the 290x, AMD not only catered for the high end graphics market but they also released the 270x, 270 and 260x for the mid-range market. (Card on test today).  With a graphics core not to dissimilar from the core in the latest consoles (PS4/XBOX One), it should make for some interesting testing today.

Yes, today I will be taking a look at the MSI R7 260x graphics card which features 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM, a 128bit memory bus and core clock speed of 1175MHz on the core.  Will this be the ultimate gaming card under the £100 price mark or are there better options available?  Well let’s take a look, starting with the specifications…

What MSI have to say about the MSI R7 260x graphics card:

MSI’s exclusive propeller blade Technology: 20% more airflow 50% larger cooling area. Large 10cm fan.10 years ultra-long lifetime (under full load). Lower temperature and higher efficiency. Extreme low ESR. Monitor fan speed function. In-game video recording. IOS/Android remote control Built-in DX11.2 benchmark. Stereoscopic 3D display/glasses and Blu-ray 3D Support. Stereoscopic 3D gaming support. 3rd party Stereoscopic 3D middleware software support.


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