MSI R9 270x Gaming Review


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Brand: MSI
Model: MSI R9 270X Gaming
RRP: £155 (At time of review)

When Micro Star International, MSI, started out in the computer business long ago in 1986, the mainstream computing industry for the masses was practically non-existent. You either had to be made of money or connected in one of the few jobs which allowed you to work on computers to be able to use a computer, quite the stark contrast from today. MSI was one of the first companies to bring computers to the masses, not just at home but into differing industries such as education and communication, which has revolutionised the ways we live our lives today.

In today’s market, MSI are one of the big players, dealing with a vast range of equipment from motherboards to graphics cards. In recent months, MSI have been piling products into their Gaming series, all of which feature a red and black color scheme and the MSI dragon branding that has become synonymous with the series. With innovation being a clear goal of MSI, the Gaming series reiterates what we have seen with the Lightning and Gaming focused hardware, designs that focus on pushing boundaries, whether it be with stability, longevity, or overclocking. MSI are clearly making a statement of intent and are going toe to toe with the likes of GIGABYTE and ASUS.

Today I will be looking at another offering from MSI’s extensive Gaming range, the R9 270x Gaming. Essentially this card is a reboot of the 7870 architecture that we saw from the previous AMD generation, with a few more tweaks. Let’s see if this card has expanded on where its predecessor left off or if it is just a re-skinned, re-branded card.

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