ASUS ROG Crossblade Ranger FM2+ Motherboard Review


[section_title title=”Introduction”]Introduction

ASUS really need no introduction but to keep things consistent across our reviews, here goes. ASUS is a worldwide leader and manufacturer of computer motherboards, graphics cards, tablets, laptops, monitors, desktops/ AIO PCs and even peripherals. Their brand represents quality and their ROG division is a favourite among gamers. ROG, which stands for Republic of Gamers use a easily identifiable logo which looks like a pair of eyes and the products follow a red and black colour scheme which fans and general consumers can easily point out and recognize that they are looking at an ASUS product.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their latest ROG motherboards in the form of the Crossblade Ranger. The Crossblade Ranger is the first ROG AMD board designed for the FM2+ socket which uses the A88X chipset. The Crossblade Ranger features all of the thing we have come to know and love from ROG based boards. Compatible with windows 8.1 (IF that’s your type of thing) it also features SupremeFX, Intel Ethernet, LanGuard and KeyBot just to name a few things. It also comes with a nice selection of utilities and applications to help users get the most from their hardware.


  1. Any idea why the performance results are so much lower for the MSI A88XI board? Same CPU and same chipset, you’d expect the numbers to be similar… but that performance delta is HUGE!

    • It could be down to a number of things, advancements in drivers between the launch between them; with the APU focusing heavily on AMD software/drivers, it does make sense. But I appreciate what you are saying etc!

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