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In true ASUS ROG fashion, the MAXIMUS VII HERO comes packed inside a red (surprise surprise) box with the model number and branding in large letters across the top.  The Republic of Gamers logo is also visible in the top left hand corner and some of the motherboards features are thumb nailed at the bottom; these include 4k HD support, SLI/Crossfire support and support for 4th/5th generation Intel processors (socket LGA1150).

The rear the box has a very detailed list of features and specifications which, in a retail environment, is paramount for someone wanting to make an informed purchase.  These include HDMI support, the Supreme FX audio chip, GameFirst III, KeyBot and the Extreme Engine Digi+ III which should provide some potentially decent overclocks.  There is also an illustration of the rear I/O which I will of course show you later on in the review.

Upon opening the front flap which the majority (if not all) ROG boards come with, we have a viewing window which allows you to get a glimpse of the board before you buy; always good if aesthetics are important to you.

The flap itself contains some useful information regarding the Supreme FX audio chip which is designed to give you one of the best possible on-board solutions; let’s be honest, dedicated sound cards are usually better and ASUS themselves do amazing ones.  One interesting feature is the KeyBot button which allows you to upgrade your keyboard to work better with this particular ROG board; a very smart feature indeed.

ASUS have always been known for providing a nice bundle with their products in terms of accessories and the MAXIMUS VII HERO is no different and includes the following:

6 x Black SATA cables

1 x User guide

1 x Installation disc

1 x Door hanger

1 x I/O shield

1 x Set of cable sticker labels

1 x Set of front panel adapters

1 x ASUS SLI Bridge (black)

As mentioned, plenty of accessories and more than enough to get you started, especially if you have lots of storage devices/optical drives and are pretty short on cables.


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