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The MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC comes packaged in a black and yellow box which has a nice contrasting effect; kind of like a bee in summertime.  On the front we have the MSI logo at the top with the model number/chipset information in the centre and the new MSI OC Series logo at the bottom.  This is complimented with a large M for MPOWER which also opens up; we will take a look at that shortly.

On the rear we have a full detailed list of specifications which includes information regarding the hybrid PWM cooling, improved power stability and the included Intel Wi-Fi AC module.  This particular chipset/motherboard supports 1150 processors which is clearly displayed via thumbnails at the top; there is also support for Broadwell too.

After opening the large M flap on the front, it opens up an M shaped viewing window which allows you to have a sneak peak at what is inside; this is held in place with small Velcro pads.

The other side of the M flap contains information regarding features implemented on the new Z97 MPOWER AC motherboard.  This includes enhanced thermal performance via the heat sinks, enhanced BIOS which features full MPOWER branding and of course one of the most important features of all, the enchanced DigitALL power phase.

Bundled with the Z97 MPOWER MAX AC motherboard is the following accessories:

1x Rear I/O shield

7 x Black SATA cables

1 x Black SATA power extension

2 x eSATA ports for mounting in a PCI slot (Molex powered)

1 x Wireless desktop antenna

1 x AC Wi-Fi module

1 x Wi-Fi module installation guide

6 x V-Check voltage point cables

2 x Mconnectors for front panel/power switch etc

1 x Black MSI branded SLI Bridge

1 x MSI OC Series badge

2 x Driver installation CDs (motherboard + wireless)

1 x User manual

1 x overclocking guide

1 x Software and Application user guide

1 x Quick installation guide

1 x OC Series poster

1 x OC series door hanger

Such an amazing amount of accessories a probably the most comprehensive I have seen in a long time.  Everything screams overclocking and I feel the door hanger with the words “out buying LN2” on it really do add an extra dimension of class to the motherboard itself; totally amazing from MSI.


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