Antec 620w Neo ECO Overview



Power supplies are one of the major components inside your PC that you should never take for granted after all they’re like the heart of a PC. Therefore when purchasing one you need to make sure at the very least, the power supply meets the minimum requirements for your system.  More importantly however is making sure the power supply is actually made from good quality components. After all, having a reliable power supply in your system ensures protection for your other components such as graphics cards from elements such as spikes and surges.

On my test bench today is an offering from Antec. Namely the 620w Neo ECO power supply which has an 80 Bronze rating, an 87% efficiency, and is of non-modular design.  Will the ECO be a good offering for those that require a solid offering for single GPU setups or are there better choices out there?  Let’s find out…

A little bit about Antec:

Antec, Inc., is the leading global brand of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) markets. Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in these industries and has maintained its position as a worldwide market leader and international provider of efficient, quiet, and reliable products. Antec has also achieved great success in the distribution channel, meeting the demands of quality-conscious system builders, VARs and integrators.


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