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Starting with the performance, which is a bit of a hard spot for us at the moment as we don’t have a proper ATE load tester and it performed within it’s given specifications. Looking at our voltage readings and we can see a couple of times it came rather close to being at the end of the limitation, though thankfully it never went outside the ATX standards and thus did not fail. While the fan wasn’t the loudest I have heard, I definitely still heard it quite a bit, especially when at full load.

Moving onto the design and it conforms to that of a smaller ATX PSU. My gripe with the design is all the unwanted information that is plastered on the sides of the PSU itself. This to me stinks of low-class cheapo PSUs that are not worth using. If you have a nice build and a case with a window, or have the side panel off you really would not want all the writing on the side of the PSU showing. As previously mentioned I think it would have been much better with just a nice logo and maybe the DEEPCOOL slogan right beneath or something to that effect.

When it comes to the price, which is $49.99 you get a solid 80PLUS Bronze certified power supply. Too many times I have seen someone go with a non-branded/certified PSU and it more times than not, comes back to haunt them. They say buy cheap, buy twice and that is definitely the case. The only other problem is that if you buy a cheap PSU and it blows on you, you risk it taking out other components along with it. With that being said the DA500 falls into place with it’s price as $50 is around the average price for a branded 500W PSU.

At the end of the day the DA500 may not be the prettiest but it will surely get the job done. It’s prices falls right into place with those of other competitors, so if you are specifically looking for a DEEPCOOL power supply or happen to see it on sale for a few dollars cheaper it is worth the purchase. The 80PLUS certification should give you just that much more piece of mind in knowing it’s not going to blow under normal circumstances taking other components with it.

I would like to thank DEEPCOOL for sending the DA500 in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– 80PLUS Bronze certification
– Small size

– To much info on PSU itself
– Non-modular

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