F-Secure SAFE Review

F-Secure SAFE Review 10



Internet security is something we all should take seriously, there are plenty of headlines reminding us of the various nefarious ways criminals try to gain access to our information and systems.

Luckily there are plenty of companies out there offering packages to help take the strain of looking after our precious data.

F-Secure SAFE is a multi-device security package available either directly from F-Secure’s website or various retailers.

The package I am reviewing is the 1 year 3 device license. The SAFE product covers Virus Protection, Browsing and Banking Protection, Network Protection along with a Device Finder and Remote Controller. Available on any three devices, even if you don’t own them, meaning this is quite a good product for protecting several systems in a family. Let’s see how this all works.

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  1. There´s a thousand reasons i could give you as to why i should win but the fact is i don´t deserve it more than any other person. I´m a gamer, nerd and a dad, protecting my data is important to me, especially all my family fotos/videos…. and that is why i would like to win.

    Thanx for the chance. 🙂

  2. I’m actually shopping around for security software right now. With all the gaming, work, and surfing we do at home, we NEED a good, reliable software to protect our info.

  3. You should always be safe and secure using F-Secure Safe st great review thank you for another great giveaway woot Mod On!!!

  4. I’m using virusbuster, mcafee, and symantec on different PCs. But sometimes I’m confused because one of them gives an alert on a software, while others don’t.

  5. My PC is still infected by viruses & malware problems. No anti-virus softwares are so effective. I think F-Secure SAFE Internet Security will be the right choice my PC.

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