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Closer Look

We will now take a closer look at the packaging, item and accessories included when buying this product. The packaging is simple but effectively promotes the product and its main features, as can be seen below.Image 1

Following a matt black and red finish, we can see highlights of the main features on the front and one side, with the other showing compatibility information for the headphones. The product itself is on full view and displays its general construct once in use.

Image 2 - Back

On the back we can see another view of the product in a complete set up along with a full technical specification and some of the previously mentioned key features pointed out on the diagram. Promotional content for Thermaltake feature in multiple places of the packaging along with support lines and the Isurus Pro logo.

Once the packaging is removed, we can now see what is contained in the box. image 3 - accessories (all)

We have:

  • 1 Isurus In-ear Gaming Headset
  • 1 set of left and right secure fit system attachments
  • 3 different sizes of in-ear earbuds
  • 1 warranty/instruction book
  • 1 carry pack with inbuilt webbing to hold accessories
  • 1 3.5mm to dual mic and headphone converter for PC use

To start, we have the portable carry case that is constructed of a leather outer material and soft interior that keeps the headphones from getting damaged during transport.

image 3 - case

The “Tt eSPORTS by Thermaltake” text with logo is printed to the top of the case which creates a professional finish but is also a good indication of what end of the case is the top and furthermore prevent opening it the wrong way. A small netting section is included with an elastic top to prevent accessories from falling out. It is roughly 108x70x35mm, which is a handy size for pocket/bag storage and keeps everything you need in a single location.

Next we have the additional accessories for the headphones which include a converting cable, additional earbuds in various sizes and warranty/instruction book. image 4 cable and earphones

The earbuds on offer vary from small, medium to large and come with medium already installed to the product. The warranty/instruction goes through the general information you would typically find in any product booklet. From warranty details to specification of the item and other useful information. Finally we have the gold played 3.5mm female to dual (microphone and headphone) 3.5mm male converter which is purposefully designed for use of the headset with laptops, computers and other platforms that offer this design.

Now we have the main product, the headphones themselves along with the gaming microphone and secure fit system attachments installed. headphones 1

The earphones themselves are made from a lightweight aluminium and offer a non-tangle cabling that is very handy for those of you who hate brawling with wires that knot all of the time. Each earphone features a 13.5mm driver along with cool logo printed to the inside and mesh overlay, a left and right indicator is also printed to indicate what earphone is which.

Installed to the earphones is the medium sized earbuds that fit most people but also on offer in the box are a small and large alternative.The earbuds are positioned on an angle so that the headset can be seated correctly into the ear, which is a great feature and enhances the sound produced from earphones.

The secure earphone system is also fitted, it is an unusual design for holding the earphones in-place that uses a cavity in your ear to position them and hold them in your ear with a better cushion compared to ‘over ear’ style fitting systems like those seen on sports earphones. As ears and their shape do vary from person to person the fit may be different from person, a good example would be that they fitted me great but a friend not so well. Luckily the secure fitting system can be removed from the earphones for those of you that prefer them off or they do not fit as well.

The microphone, which is also detachable, is made of a thin piece of metal with wire waved over and under it. At the end is a block which has the microphone inbuilt. The attachment is very lightweight and has “Tt” electrically etched into the end, a cool touch to the item.

headphones 2

Further down the cable, we will find the control box with 3 buttons. As you can probably tell, this box helps control the music playing through the headphones and allows the user to skip last – play/pause – skip next. Inbuilt on the back of the device is an additional microphone, a great alternative to the longer stick microphone that some may find unconventional/uncomfortable for long periods of use.

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